40 years of successfully solving artistic design problems in an ever changing lifestyle environment.
Free Hand Studios Inc.
Customizing feature walls to reach a level of fine art that differentiates the tastes of each client.
I specialize in a fine art approach to the design of feature walls using sculpted design work, Fine Art pieces, and larger scale panoramic Murals as needed to finish a designer or clients vision. I aspire to become a one stop source , because my experience in the field includes 30 years of working with interior designers in medium and high end homes across America. In these homes I am called in to help the designer refine a vision to differentiate them from the cookie cutter style that you see so often. I bring my extensive repertoire of styles and techniques to create that "wow" which continues to bring pleasure to the homeowner for years to come.
My fine art work is a form of personal calligraphy and subconscious dream imagery. Automatic writing using calligraphy, has always been a seminal source of inspiration for me. Having traveled all my life, the importance of place has always been important to me. It influences my dreams and the internal landscape in which I work and live.
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